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Past Newsletters

Still on the hunt for a new jam session venue - and many thanks to the  jammers who have responded with suggestions as to where we might go next. We are on the case... and using the following summary sheet as a starting point for discussing this with possible venues. Feel free to send it to your favourite watering hole, but let us know so we don't double dip...

Jazz Jam Session Looking for a new Venue

Melbourne Jazz Jammers is an incorporated Not For Profit association, which runs the Newport Jazz Festivals; and a free weekly jazz jam session, which started in 2002. The Jammers are currently looking for a suitable new venue for the jam sessions.

What we offer: Around 25 more people in your venue, every Sunday afternoon, free live music, and weekly promotion of your venue through the Jammers Newsletter

  • When: Currently the jam sessions run from 3.30pm to 7.00pm (or later) on every Sunday, with 4 weekends off (for Christmas, New Year, and Mothers Day)

  • Who: The jam sessions have, in the last year, attracted between 15 and 25 musicians per week, with 5 - 10 additional audience members. The predominant age range is 50 – 75, and they come from all over Melbourne.

  • Gigging musicians, aspiring musicians and absolute beginners are welcome: and get to play with a four or five piece band, in front of a supportive audience.

  • Equipment: We supply the PA system, drums, stage piano, bass guitar, bass and guitar amps, and mics for singers. Each session this is put up, and taken down by volunteer jammers.

What We Ask

  • Availability: Must be every week.

  • Storage: at least 4 sq.m, must be secure, dry and reasonably accessible..

  • Cost: Nil – although we anticipate that the move will take a while for numbers to recover.

We suggest a trial period so that the venue can assess the value to the venue of the jam sessions.

The Melbourne Jazz Jammers has a weekly newsletter with a contact list of over 1400 addresses. Promotion of the Jam Sessions is through the Newsletter (currently 600 hits per month), Google, Facebook and Instagram sites, and by word of mouth. Each year between 120 and 180 individual musicians will attend a jam session, with 15 to 25 musicians at each event.. The sessions are free, and we encourage a friendly and supportive environment. We provide all the encouragement, equipment and PA needed to run a successful jam.


Steve, Owner, Victorian Wine Centre, on 0438 007 608

Sam Wills, previous owner of Serafina, 0437 870 999

Contact Us: Col Garrett, 0422 568 537, Ted Woollan 0431 968 982

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