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Looking Back


Looking back at Past Newsletters can fill in an idle moment, or, as in the present case, prove mildly diverting whilst we try and remember what we did last Sunday.

Nope, I can't remember either, although Col assures me there were 17 musos there, of whom I can only remember 19. Good grief, you were on fire, the lot of you!

Amongst the names I can't remember were singers Aneta, Jane, Buddy, Anthony, Ruby, Amy the barjump, and a few others. As nothing got broken, and nobody died, we will mark the singers down as a success...

The other Jammers, clearly, have standards, deplorably low admittedly, and not to be risen above, but Hey Ho! they approximated jazz on occasion. We can fix that later..

Meanwhile, back at the back, Martin drummed, John played his stick bass, Gary played some neat bass later, and Graham put up some elegant trumpet. I can clearly remember the selection of jazz tunes essayed* except for their titles. They all used the same notes, just in a different order.

And Pete turned up for the first time in a long time and was the pick of the bass players.

A wintry sort of day, profitably wasted. Next week, we will play all tunes in Db minor, sound magnificent anyway, and finish on time. Or not as the case may be.

In the mean time, stick to the black notes, they are cheaper... toodlepip!

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