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Past Newsletters

You know who you are... and thank you for your patience. We are about to ruin the quiet Sunday arvo's you have all been enjoying for far too long...

You might care to drop in on.......

The next Jam Session Sunday June 23rd

This Sunday, 3.30 to 7.00 (ish), at The Cornerstone Hotel, 1 Crockford St, Port Melbourne, VIC 3207, Australia

The joint is on the corner of Bay Street and Crockford in the decreasingly seedy and rough 'burb of Port Melbourne. There is parking nearby. It was initially recommended by none other than Gentleman John Curtis, exceptional pianist from not far away, although it has taken us a while to track down the owners, make some suitably rash promises, muttering under our breaths about jazz and gossip and possibly promising to go to church on Sunday.

That should get us through the door, but maybe we should not have promised....

(a) All the saxophonists will be exceptionally young and good looking and several of them will play in tune.

(b) All the guitarists will play at the same volume as everyone else, and occasionally in the same key. We didn't mention tempo so there is still plenty of scope for disaster..

(c) At least 12 people will turn up the first week and it will be such an anticlimax no-one will come back until the next Sunday

(d) We won't play Little Sunflower, or if we do, it won't be recognisable, 

(e) All the singers will look five years younger than all the other singers, except the women singers, who will look 10 years younger. We are not sure how this works, but that is what it says on the bottle.

(f) The sound system will work perfectly, well it did last time we used it, so what could possibly go wrong - except the PA, the speakers, the leads, the speaker stands, the microphone and music stands, the bass amp, the piano, at least two microphones, the drum kit, the drum stool, the piano stool, the piano stand,. Actually, we might start a bit late the first time...

See ya there!

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