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Band Registration 2024

This form is for submitting your band for registration. Once your band is accepted, you will also need to register as a musician and make sure each of your band's musicians is also registered.

Read the Terms & Conditions (below form) and then lodge this form by clicking on the “Register Band” button.

If you have any queries, contact Colin Garrett on

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By clicking on 'Register Band' you are accepting the Terms & Conditions (see below).

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Newport Jazz Festival 3rd, 4th, 5th May 2024


Band Registrations are now open.  Registrations close on 27th February 2024

Terms & Conditions


Should you be selected, your Band registration will be confirmed by e-mail after the 27th February 2024.  You should then contact each musician, and request that they register on the Musician Registration page.  All band members (including the band leader) will need to register as musicians.

Late Registration

Registrations after 27th February 2024 will only be considered if there are still places available on the program. In the event of more bands applying than there are available places on the program the Committee reserves the right to not proceed with this application.

Big Bands

If your band has 10 or more members, payment will only be paid to the Band Leader.  This will be calculated at 8 times the single musician payment. All musicians in a Big Band still need to register via the Musician Registration page.

Changes to your Line-up and Playing Schedule

The Playing Schedule will be posted to the website after 19th March 2024.

Once registered and confirmed for the Festival, you must notify us immediately by e-mail of any changes to your line-up or availability. You will be notified by e-mail of your performance times and venues.

The Committee reserves the right to allocate performance slots as it sees fit.

The Committee reserves the right to reduce the session times for each band using a non- registered musician member.


Please help promote the festival by adding a link to the festival on your Facebook or other social media page - or by adding the link to your emails - or just by telling everyone you know !

Declaration By Band Leader

As band leader, I undertake to contact each of the musicians in my band and confirm each of them intends to register for the Newport Jazz Festival 2024.  I undertake to notify the festival committee of any change in the band line-up and availability.

Any queries, please contact Colin Garrett at

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