TICKET Conditions

All Musicians and Festival patrons must provide proof of vaccination at registration, or proof of negative test within three days of each day of the Festival, as a condition of entry. The event organisers (Melbourne Jazz Jammers Inc.) will follow the directions of venue managers and deny entry to anyone whose vaccination status is unclear. People holding valid permits to exempt them from vaccination will be required to provide proof of negative test, as above.

Before and during the Festival, patrons are reminded that they are not permitted to be at the event if they have been instructed to quarantine by the Department of Health, or if they are unwell or experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19.


Where patrons have purchased a ticket and are unable to attend because of compliance with the above clause, Melbourne Jazz Jammers Inc will refund the face value of any prepaid ticket.


Patrons purchasing a ticket to the event attend at their own risk, and the event organisers, Melbourne Jazz Jammers Inc. expressly disclaim any responsibility for injury or loss suffered as a result of Covid-19 infection.


In the event of Festival cancellation by statutory authorities, before or during the Festival, Melbourne Jazz Jammers Inc will refund the face value of paid tickets.


CovidSafe requirements:

On arrival, you will also be asked to log in with the QR code at the Box Office (Newport Bowls Club Office) as a condition of being issued with an access badge to the Festival venues. We will retain your contact details for 30 days as required by the Victorian State Government, only for the purpose of contact tracing in the event of a Covid-19 event.


Should you wish to remain on the Melbourne Jazz Jammers mailing list and receive information on future Festivals and Jam Sessions, we will ask for your approval.

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