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Well, that went well...jam session 4th December

We really didn't know what to expect for the first Jam Session at the Vic Wine Centre - and, indeed, this was the first time we have held a jam session outside. A hot session in every sense.

20 musicians managed to find us, and played up a storm all arvo. Four pianists, no lady warblers? Good grief! The jammers probably weren't aware that quite a few locals and Friday night regulars also sat in and enjoyed the afternoon of music - some very positive comments, so the medication must be working and the hearing aids not, probably....

Roger, The Good Captain (saxes), Ken Cowan, the elegant Mr Curtis, Ben Hooper and a knackered old dude all played some hot piano, Mr Clifton did most of the hard yacka on drums, followed by The Hirsch, and then a lively John Perri; Peter on trumpet was probably the pick of them, and Simon played enough bass to convince us to book him for a January session.

The noise, as is traditional for the jam sessions, was appalling, occasionally interrupted by bouts of genuine jazz. That will never work. Even after we finished, Messrs Perri and Hooper, the last ones still standing as it were (which it wasn't because they were both sat down) ran though a lively version of Green Dolphin Street, although it could have been Darktown Strutters Ball played so badly that we all thought it was Green Dolphin Street, but I digress. Hortense, who probably wasn't there, would have enjoyed the session. The rest of us certainly did...

More to come next week at the Vic Wine Centre again, and then, on December 18th, the Notoriously Unreliable Jazz Jammers Pre Christmas Bash, starting at 2.00 in the afternoon, practically breakfast time for most jammers... and you are all invited.


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