Sunday Jam Session: Not a Chart to be Seen! (2014?)

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

I have never taken a chart to a jam session yet, but soon realised that this wasn’t a good idea with so many of the regulars away. McCue, Scotiish legend and editor extraordinaire saved the day by fronting with a full book of charts. As is his way, he insisted on me playing first, only to realise too late that I had played all the easy ones, and left him with the hard ones. Well, it was his book of charts . . .

In the absence of any serious contributors, The Halls Gap Weekend B Team Reserves took over and duly mangled every song in sight – marvellous fun really, and although we are all guilty as charged,  meself and Taariq should at least have known better. We nearly got it sorted by about round 11, but luckily came to our senses and kept playing the same old rubbish until way past my bedtime, for the sake of consistency. Jo, Sandro and Jenny sang, Tom, Danilo and Bruce played drums, Peter and Ali on sax, Eammon/Amon on guitar. Wrapped it up with the obligatory Route 66, Glen on drums, before we all rolled out into the last of the evening sun, claiming innocence or industrial deafness, I am not sure which.

Props to Glen for installing a new PA system, and a mighty fine system it is too – check it out next week.

If I haven’t mentioned your name and you played, consider yourself lucky . . .


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