Equal Opportunity Jam Sessions

We are indebted to the Divine Miss Smith, last seen rooting around amongst her lobelias, for observing that we now have the perfect conditions for ensuring that all jam session attendees get an equal go - Precisely None at present , but we live in hope...

The Pandemic is to blame - at the time of writing there were 33 covid 19 sufferers in Intensive Care. This is roughly the same number as would normally attend a jam session, only possibly with more musical talent.

One of the hardest things to achieve at a jam session is to make sure everyone gets a fair go. Not easy, and may explain why "I want to wait and play with (insert name) " is not often greeted with enthusiasm by the long suffering Good Captain.

Getting the right balance of genres can help too- an even mix of bebop, swing, standards, latin, blues, fast and slow is infinitely preferable to an unmitigated afternoon of show tunes from 1964.

And getting a wide range of instruments is always easier than having six saxophones, four guitars and no rhythm section.

Chance would be a fine thing...


Port Fairy Jazz Festival:

Registrations are open. February 11th - 13th 2022. Miles away but a great Festival . Finger crossed!


The Bob Sedergreen sessions:

Have been put back, obviously. Those wishing to sing better than the rest of us will have to wait...

Ebony Rose has a Sibelius programme for sale:

The fastest, smartest, easiest way to write music.

Sibelius 4 is the complete software for writing, playing printing and publishing music notation.

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Tutorial video to guide you through the main features.

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The Newport Jazz Festival Australia.

We have had our first application for the Jazz Festival from a band wishing to play at the strikingly similar named Rhode Island festival.

Castlemaine Jam Session:

The last one didn't happen, so John is transferring all the bookings to the 3rd September - by which time Melbournians might be able to travel. Check nearer the date (send us an email and we will let you know).

The Three Chord Club:

19th October at the Guildford Hotel, with an all banjo line - up. John Hannah's highly successful alternative, featuring a mix of blues, country, and err... banjos?

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