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Equal Opportunity

A review of the October 8th Jam Session

I have been contemplating, for quite a while now, why it is that the Newsletter (august organ of record emanating from Bendigo Towers, world headquarters of the Melbourne Jazz Jammers) does not write itself. It should, by now...​

Last week's jam had plenty of variety - by which I mean we played bebop badly, jazz standards equally badly, contemporary ballads equally badly - really, we were an equal opportunity outfit - all 23 of us.

Actually, I made that para up as a way of getting started... but it might contain a kernel of truth,, and it prompts the thought that perhaps some of the fun of a jam session is to try something different, and if it works or not, who cares?

After a 7.30 am start at the Park, I was not, perhaps, in a fit state to play much piano anyway, mercifully saved by some bright contributions from the ever debonair John Curtis, and a grinning from ear to ear Malcolm Hornby.

Highlights of the day, as perceived from the back seats, you might ask? You might not ask, but I am going to nominate a couple any way...

Ruby playing sax - Take The A Train, Four and whatever else: Ashley singing some new material - not the easiest tunes he has ever done, but worked a treat; Peter Cole wandering in after three years away; Kevin: So Nice, Marion on recorder, always something earnestly different; San, a new guitarist and quite a good one.

Even the Good Captain got in on the act - a session with eight singers, seven saxophonists (although Peter and Laurie didn't play), no bass players, and three drummers - Annie and Ashley might not see this as their primary role, but both were nearly as good as Martin.

Phew, I think I managed, as ever, to upset everyone equally - as is traditionally required of the Newsletter.

Really, drop everything, and then drop in to the next session if you can. We will be having a ball...





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