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Clearly you have to be bonkers to even contemplate a Jam Session this week, when everybody else will be away rehearsing for the Newport Jazz Festival, which, in case you missed all the promo, is on next week: April 29th - May 1st 2002. So, Manager Nate has suggested a jam session this Sunday would be a good idea, and who am I to argue, particularly when the Good Captain is a known sucker for that sort of suggestion.

So... having limited the jam session to the fruit loops and those so excessively confident that they don't need another rehearsal, you may, if you turn up at all, be the only normal person there. Look around the room and you will quite probably see what I mean....

We will start at 3.30pm, or such other time as seems sensible, always assuming the wotsits are in place, and no-one has forgotten the thinga mejigs. And we will keep going until we all fall over, whereupon you will need to get out the door as quickly as possible in case you are trapped by a baleful look and cajoled into helping pack up. You have been warned.

Actually, a little jam might be rather fun.

See ya?

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