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A Bit Messy

A bit messy

The jam session review for 16th July 2023

Audience: Last week's jam saw the audience damn near out number the musos. Amongst them were Rod and Bette, back for a second week, Richard who was a jam session regular in about 2002 but hadn't been back since, a delightful and smartly dressed lady from Brisbane, who dropped in and stayed after lunch at the Middle Park Hare Krishna temple, (she rated the curry) and Robyn, who, with her friends, has been to every gig and jam session since October 2021 (which was when we started).

Bass Players: Due to the lack of a paid up member of the Bass Pluckers Union, the guitarists took turns in playing the jammer's Bass, with some interesting results: Mick, Roger, Dean and Neville all played bass better than they played guitar. And they all played guitar pretty well. If any bass players turn up this week, maybe we should try them out on guitar and see if it cuts both ways?

Apart from that: Marcus (guitar) came all the way from Sydney just to play in the jam. At least that is what he didn't tell me (maybe...), and new singers Lisbeth and Elly both had a dip. Confidence is being gained... Aneta, Kevin, Debbie and Jane also sang, and the Good Captain and Keith saxed and clarinetted. Mark carried the percussion for most of the afternoon, with a deft touch. All of which was surpassed by Dan Ossher on keys, who is genuine class, but barely got a chance to solo.

Bring a Friend. Seventeen musos all up, and in truth, this was a messy and noisy sort of an afternoon. Regular jammers could each aim to bring one new muso along each week - we need to build the numbers somewhat...

"Enthusiasm essential, performance anxiety optional, charts a bonus and competence to be well concealed as a kindness to others..."


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