The Royal Australian Navy Jazz Band: a double session in the Bowls Club on Friday night. Great way to start the Festival: professional musicians in uniform who played up a storm last year.


Annie Smith and Snazz Jazz: after an unforgettable performance as last set of the 2021 Jazz Festival, Annie and the boys are back for some Modern/Latin/Funk/Rock, led by Tim Nelson (keyboard) with Mike Zutenis Bass,  Maurice Victor Guitar, Glenn Roche Drums. Quirky songs, standards, ballads and maybe stories from the irrepressible Annie.



Bettina's Martini: Nostalgic jazz swing trio with a cocktail of blues and bossa. Bettina Blackburn vocals, Stephen Blackburn piano, Ian Andrews guitar.

Blue Tango: a well established duo presenting an ideosyncratic mix of jazz latin and blues, with singer Lynne Gough and guitarist Dave Richard.


Bop 'Til Ya Drop: a lively combo up for a second year:  Jeff Harris sax,  Lisette Payet piano, Holly Brick bass... and Bop!


Breakout: Col Garret's band with saxophone, Malcolm Hornby, keys, Malcolm Abbott drums, and Stan Van Hooft, bass. The band will present a mix of contemporay jazz, originals, and their jazz infused  interpretations of contemporary/pop tunes.​


Caught in the Act: Guitarist Kevin Blaze with Ann Craig, flute, Malcolm Hornby, keyboard, Frank Morgan, Bass, Marek Podstawek, drums and Ashley Thomas on saxophone. Upbeat Latin and smooth jazz with a hint of fusion



Christine Manetta's Jazz Carousel: won plenty of fans last year and will look to do it again. Big sounds and audience involvement with this bright combo: start with the blues , then add some jazz, pop and afrobeat grooves.

Christine Manetta on vocals, with Bruce Maddigan – Drums, Lisette Payet – Piano, Jeff Harris – Saxophone, and  Chris Budhan - Double Bass



Cobblestone Trio: This trio of youngsters is  back for a second year, playing a potent fusion/funk mix. Expect the occasional nod towards John Scofield, Miles Davis, and Monk

Harvey Constable, Drums, Lachy Vormwald - Bass, and Justin Thomas - Guitar


Cul De Sac: Hot Quintet led by Ron Anderson, piano/reeds/flute with bassist Dave Taylor, Todd Sydney piano, Vince Hopkins guitar, Graham Morris Drums

Debra LaVelle Band: a talented, versatile and experienced singer returns for a second year, with a band at the top of their game - Peter Maverick, Bass, , Shane Ryall, guitar, Stephen Blackburn, piano, Steve Dagg on saxophone, Michael Florrimell on drums. 

Des Camm Band: One for the trad lovers: one of Victoria's premier trad bands, this Geelong based outfit plays Newport for a second year.

Double Take: Annie Smith, singer and raconteur, with two guitars and a bass: Alan Clayton, George Condos and Don Gula ;swing, blues and latin from  the only band with just sixteen strings and a singer.


Elle T and Mark Morand Singer and guitar duo. Laureen Thompson and Mark Morand. Exquisite.


Fat Azz: This band is back for the second Festival: with Holly Brick, Jeff Harris, Margaret Magalotti and Mark Jackson. "Fat’azz cast a wide net for inspiration, from Baião to Baroque, Blues to the Bolero and much more."


Flat Foot Floogies: Trad! No Floy Floy, but if you are a Slim Gaillard fan or just a sucker for a washboard - Luca Fraillon - Drums, Washboard Adrian Perger - Trumpet Ashton Vaz - Clarinet Eamon McNelis - Trombone Darren - Bass will float your boat.


Four Peeps Jazz quartet: jazz standards - classic songs  inspired by themes of love. Su Rogerson - vocals, Chris Dimattina - piano, Holly Brick. - guitar, Doug Foley -  Bass


Grand Masters: Marek Podstawek's extraordinary percussion skills set the tone for this funky latin fusion quintet of piano, guitar, drums, sax and bass.


Heather Bloom and Snazz Jazz: Heather has a background in theatre as well as music: she covers a range of her favourite jazz standards : contemporary, stylish ballads, tinged with blues. Moon River to Turn Me On via Black Coffee: a broad spectrum that shows Tim Nelson, Mike Zutenis, Maurice Victor and Glenn Roche at their best.


Hot Bossa Combo: Ian Andrews, guitar, Grant Mathers,piano, Conrad Henderson, elec. bass, Michael Davis, drums.  A jazz quartet riffing on movie/TV themes, pop songs and lesser played bossas and jazz standards


Jane Little and The Roger Clark Quartet: Vocalist Jane Little joins the quartet (Roger and Rory Clark, Larry Kean and bassist Vince Wienckowski) to sing some standards and contemporary tunes.


Jennifer Salisbury wih Mark Morand: The best duo at the 2021 Festival, and so good we had to ask them back. A delightful range of jazz standards for voice and guitar.


Judees Jems: Doug Foley Bass, Howard Rowe drums, Su Rogerson: Sax, led by Judee Horin, pianist and vocalist. Jazz standards from The American Songbook: a quartet with talent to burn


The Jazz Cats Melbourne: the quartet takes a trip through a mainstream repertoire of songs: swing, bossa and latin with their own take on some pop. De Arne Leonard on vocals, Branko Kezerle on drums, Peter Simondson on bass & Peter Walsh on piano.



Jazz Running Wild: Inspired by Marina Pollard's workshops at the Australian Jazz Museum, this 10 piece band tackles trad jazz tunes with the enthusiasm and confidence of youth, spliced with a genuine respect for genre. Anneke Morris (vocals), Issac Morris (saxophone), Ashley Gollin (clarinet), Dean Coelho (violin), Ashton Vaz (piano/clarinet), Neeru Shyju (guitar/vocals), Darren Hedley (double/electric bass), Luca Fraillon (drums), Gian Cannizzaro (drums)


Katerina Myskova Quartet: Czech chanteuse delights with some lesser known jazz ballads, along with a few standards, with bassist Andy Moon, Brae Grimes on trumpet and pianist Ted Woollan.


Lazybones: Don Jordan's trombone quintet, welcomed back after having to withdraw last year after a first scintillating set. Plays '50s mainstream arrangements


Leena Salim Band: Brisbane singer Leena Salim was a surprise packet at last year's Festival, and is flying in again to sing with the Trio...Andy Moon (double bass), Brae Grimes (trumpet) Ted Woollan (keys)...and English import Lee Jones on guitar. 


Little Holiday: Song stylist Jane Little explores Billie Holiday songs of the '30s and '40s, with her own arrangements for these classics. With Mark Dipnall (clt,sax) Corey Hall (tpt) Doug Scott-Maxwell (piano) Julio Acerbron (guitar),  Vince Wienckowski (Dbl bass) and Mark Voogd (drums)

Mango Juice Combo: A latin/jazz quintet, back for a second year, featuring vocalist Aneta Graham, and John Calamatta's smooth sax.

The Maine Course: Quartet from Castlemaine, featuring Jaz Stutley on vocals, with Brian Paulusz, guitar, Don Calvert, bass, and Bill Thomson on drums. A distinctly different take on early and modern jazz standards.


Melba : In its 4th year, this is a hard swinging Big Band managed by saxophonist Justine Jones, featuring Jude Russell (piano), Holly Brick (bass), Fiona Bennett (sax) Jenny Stengards (tpt), Jane  McGann (flute) and Renee Limenedis (trombone). Played two great sets last year - give them a welcome back.

Melbourne Tramways Band: They pulled a big audience last year so we asked them back. for a second year - an entertaining 19 piece big band with some great arrangements.


Mike Hirsch and Friends: Mike joins up with Doug Kuhn, double bass, Tim McClaren, guitar, and either  Rory Clark piano, Ron Anderson, and Roger Clark,  for each set. A polished take on some contemporary jazz tunes.


Miss Susy V Quartet: Jazz legend Bob Sedergreen, pianist, Michael Currie, double bass, and  singer Susy Velinovski in a repertoire that runs from American songbook standards to Gregory Porter songs.

MSJB: At their first festival appearance, MSJB plays a mixture of standards and originals with thick, three-horn arrangements that complement the vocals of Debbie Woodroffe. Smiles from both sides of the stage are assured.


The Nat King Cole Jazzbook: Pretty much does what it says on the tin: Graham Davies, piano and vocals, Dan Sowter, guitar, Justine Jones, saxophone, and Alan Richards drums.



Newport Gypsy Djangos: this guitar based outfit is a local Newport Band: toe-tapping numbers, and some classy duets from Gaelle and Michael Stewart..


The Paradiso Connection: 6 piece line-up playing modern jazz, latin & jazz fusion, featuring : Vocals: Debbie Woodroffe Guitar: Fermin Navascués, Trumpet / flugel horn: John Bell, Sax: Laurie Savage, Bass: Stan van Hooft, Drums: Hussein Amin.


Port Phillip Show Band: this big band (16 piece) has been a fixture on the Festival circuit and is known for its classy arrangements. Keep an eye out for the second sax - Festival director Col Garrett...


Queens of the West:  A seven piece band, featuring three singers, with ukelele, sax, bass and drums, all from the wild west ((i.e Newport) . Almost anything is possible. Aneta Graham (vocals, uke), Gaelle Horsley (vocals, uke), Steph Payne (vocals, uke),Laurie Savage (sax), Clive Bourne (bass), Nicholas Albanis (guitar) and Martin Clifton (drums)


Radiant Penguin: is an instrumental quartet with a focus on original compositions as well as bringing their own style to familiar and well loved jazz standards. Featuring saxophonist Su Rogerson and bass player Holly Brick- from Ellington to Sting, this is a band determined not to be pigeonholed.



Rathdowne Street Big Band: first time at the Festival - 18 piece big band swing and modern jazz.

John Bell - trumpet,Carl Farrell - baritone Sax, Gedeon Herschberg -trumpet, Barrie Kenny - baritone sax, Derek Leather - Alto sax, Fermin Navascués guitar, Colin Money - Tenor sax, Peter McNeil - Trumpet, David O’Sullivan - Drums, Keith Wang Shing - Tenor sax, Stuart Mackereth - Trumpet


Roger Clark Quartet: Roger with his distinctive black sax leads a hot band, pushing the beat on some hip tunes. Son Rory on piano is also one to look out for...


The Ron Anderson Trio: Ron Anderson - piano, Eiji Takemoto - double bass, Graham Morris - drums play some fine modern jazz.


Rory Clark Quintet: A band of hot musicians, playing BlueNote jazz and some of pianist Rory Clark's originals. Rory Clark - Piano/Vocals, James Clark - Double Bass, Roger Clark - Alto Saxophone, Brae Grimes - Trumpet/Flugel,  Larry Kean - Drums


Running with Scissors: Bronwyn Algate (piano), Don Calvert (bass) and Kendall Cook (guitar) joined by Albion's finest drummer, Mike Hirsch


Ryland: Gifted Guitar duo Sophie Cox and Noah James present a mix of jazz standards, original compositions and free improvisations: sophisticated and playful musicians. Check them out!


Sala's Jazz Salad: Vocalist Aimee Everett headlines this quintet playing contemporary jazz tunes, driven by Adam Forde (bass) and Sala Kord (drums).


sarah maclaine quartet: If you have heard Sarah before, you will be there. If you haven't, you should. One of the star attractions of the Festival.

Sarah Maclaine vocals, Todd Sydney piano, Dave Taylor bass, Lachlan Wallace drums.

Sergeant Farrall and the Masters: another big band at its first Newport Festival - although they played the Friday last year, and that is why we have asked them back: a hard working big band and it is showing results!

Shirazz. This remarkable group of highly accomplished musicians came recommended as the future of Trad Revival. Nobody else thought to look forward the way they do. What they present is a great show: entertainment plus!

Silhouette: Carl Farrall's blues band: Moanin' , Night Train,  and Road Song amongst the tunes covered by a band with two guitars, two saxophones, a bass and some digital wizardry.


SMIL Quartet: singer Sandra with an intriguing jazz combo:  - Ivan Sultanoff on his 5 string bass,   Mac Beshai on drums and Lisette Payet on keys..

Sweet Ade: Marion Lustig shows just what a jazz recorder can do, and this eclectic seven piece band will feature a tribute to the music of Ade Monsbrough, who was hugely influential in the post-war trad revival. Marion Lustig (recorders); Janet Arndt (vocals); David Lole (piano); Peter Mason (reeds, vocals and ukelele,) Richard Opat (drums and washboard); Stan Van Hooft (bass guitar), Ross Richards (guitar and mandolin). Quite different to every other band in the Festival, and rather fun...

Swing The Boogie: Gilbert Ernest's band showpiece - put up a great show last year, and more to come...perennial winners of the Best Name For A band Prize, and the best backup singers in the Festival..


Tinta Rouge: Malay jazz singer Nurul Rahman with pianist Agus Batara, Anthony Pell (Bass) and Neal on drums: covering jazz standards and blues



Toros: Contemporary jazz/folk from Lincoln Ramsay- Guitar Jack Dobson and Double Bass Alex Siderov. Worth checking out and decidedly cool....

Visionary Steel: Martin Case's extraordinary adventure in Ethno-Electronica Jazz, featuring ​Alethia Gomez on Vocals, with brass, guitars, West African drums, percussion, keys, sax. Lively  stuff.



West Coast Little Big Band: Seven piece band playing West Coast jazz from the '50s to the 70's . Murray Rees - Trumpet/Flugel,  Renee Liminedis - Trombone,  Laurie Savage - Tenor Sax,  Bass,  Dean Constable - Drums,  Mike McKeon - Alto, and  Jono Harvey - Keyboard

Windows of Longing: The Band describe their music as "Contemporary - Third Stream - Jazz - Classical". This immersive Son et Lumiere is performed by Michael Currie - Double Bass and Anthony Schulz - Accordion, while Jutta Prior handles the Digital images and Projections.

Yuko!  Gifted japanese singer Yuko Onishi, with the Trio - Andy Moon (double bass), Brae Grimes (trumpet) Ted Woollan (keys) ....and English import Lee Jones on guitar. 

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